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149 West Broadway, Suite 138
Council Bluffs, IA
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(712) 256 - 3156

Bloom Works offers unique fresh and permanent floral arrangements. We specialize in creative wedding design, amazing prom accessories, and beautiful sympathy florals.

Delivery is available to the entire Council Bluffs/Omaha Metro area and surrounding communities. Give us a call or schedule a consult - we're waiting to design your perfect floral arrangement!

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When am I ready to talk flowers for my wedding?

Alisa Roth

So you got engaged! Woo Hoo! Then reality sets in and you realize theres a lot to plan for your wedding……photographers, djs, videographers, venues, and of course the flowers. Flowers complete your vision for the day. In the bridal world we are often one of the last vendors a bride will talk to. However, there is a good window of time when it’s appropriate to come in and talk to your favorite florist…Bloom Works of course.

So often I have brides that are a little excited and want to come see a designer the week after they get engaged, but I’m here to say…hold your horses… there’s a few things you need to have lined up first before you come see us. This way you are ready and we don’t have to change a whole bunch of things when you decided the dusty mauve you fell in love with is not what you still love after being engaged for a year and a half. If you can check most of these items off your list, you are ready to make an appointment. Yes it should be a face to face meeting. I do not recommend email quotes unless distance dictates that you need to. There are so many variations on flowers that I can get a much better feel for your style and budget comfort if I see your pretty face in my shop.

  • You have your venue booked (different venues lead to different themes, indoor/outdoors, backyards, or churches, our designs are tailored to meet the location needs)

  • You have your dress picked out and possibly ordered (super fluffy or not so foofy affects your appropriate bouquet style)

  • You have your bridesmaid dress picked out and ordered (this is the accent color to everything, if you don’t know it, we can’t coordinate with it)

  • You have settled on a final color palette, but we are happy to help if you need a suggestion to get your inspiration going

  • Your wedding is 3-6 months away…if you come in much earlier that that, you may end up changing your mind on a lot of things.

  • You have a general style in mind, you don't need to know every detail but a general direction is helpful (pinterest is approved here and suggested, no need for a guessing game)